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    The Northeast Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that it has received a $32,500 Great Streets Façade Improvement contract from the City of Minneapolis.


    Grant Information and Application

    Grants are available for amounts ranging from $1,000-$5,000 per project.  This is a matching grant program on a 1:1 basis (dollar to dollar) or on a 2:1 basis (1 dollar to 2 dollars).  Work must be completed before grant funding is disbursed, in other words, the property owner or tenant must complete the work in its entirety before receiving grant funds.


    Click on the links below for more information about the grant, the application process and supporting documentation needed for project funding.


    Application and Agreement

    Business Guidelines


    Grant Deadlines

    Grant applications will be reviewed monthly.  Applications must be received my mail, email or be hand delivered to the Northeast Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce offices by the second Friday of the each month to be considered in that month's cycle.  Applications are welcome at any time during the month.


    Eligible Areas

    Grants will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis to businesses in seven geographic areas or “nodes”. Click on the area maps below to determine if your property is eligible.



    Facade Improvements

    The facade grants will help businesses in Northeast Minneapolis fund storefront improvements including (but not limited to):


    • Repairing or replacing architectural details
    • Preserving historic details
    • Painting or repainting exteriors
    • Installing windows and glass doors
    • Lighting
    • Awnings or canopies
    • Signage


    Grant Distribution

    For a complete list of eligible improvements as well as a list of discouraged projects click here. To ensure an equitable distribution of grants, decisions will be based on the following criteria:


    • Eligible activities
    • Overall impact on the property
    • Size of the project
    • Façade Design Guidelines
    • Curb-appeal
    • Eligible address


    We are excited to work with your business! Please contact Christine Levens, President of the Northeast Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce, for more information about the grant or to set up an initial meeting at or (612) 378-0050.




     Ambiente Gallerie  
    Central Ave Liquors 
     Central Ave Liquors  


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