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    Free Beer! $20 off your first order from Running Tap
    Minnesota's Own Beer Delivery. Fresh Local Craft
    Chamber Members Special
    Thank you for all your hard work - growing and developing the Twin Cities!
    As a small token of our appreciation - please enjoy some...
    To enjoy $20 Off your first order, simply enter the code
    at the checkout.
    Running Tap is a Minneapolis-based startup that delivers beers directly from taprooms to customers.
    1. Cut out the middle-man
    2. No mark-ups on tap room prices
    3. 14+ award-winning local breweries
    4. 50+ fresh, craft beers
    5. Complimentary beer tastings
    6. Beer catering service
    Northbound Smokehouse Brew Pub | Town Hall Brewery | Black Stack Brewing Pryes Brewing | 56 Brewing | Tin Whiskers | Great Waters | Day Block | Free House  Inbound Brewing | Broken Clock | Clockwerks | Lake Monster Brewing          
    Contact Information
    phone: (763) 222-4106
    website: Running Tap
    Offer Valid: October 1, 2017December 30, 2017
    Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce
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